TV personality, outspoken otaku, avid cosplayer, diligent blogger: Japanese celebrity Shoko Nakagawa, or Shokotan, as she is lovingly referred to by fans, is known for many things. Normality is not one of them.

Exhibit A: On August 11, the quirky entertainer posted a series of pictures to her blog of herself covered in molted insect shells.

We think that should be sufficient evidence.

It turns out this isn’t the first time Shokotan has decked herself out in a cicada skin headdress. She started the fashion trend back in late 2008 when she appeared at a concert with her head covered in insect shells.

It’s common for elementary school kids in Japan to collect discarded cicada shells during the summer, we doubt anyone ever thought of turning them into a fashion accessory.

Then again, you don’t see many elementary school kids shoving their cat’s head in their mouth—another one of Shokotan’s lovely talents—either.

Source: Shokotan Blog

▼ We’ve gotta admit though, she is an amazing cosplayer…