Tottori is a prefecture in western Japan famous mostly for some really large sand dunes and not much else.  Well, actually it’s also the birthplace of many famous manga writers and artists like Shigeru Mizuki, leading to the creation of promanga organization, Manga Kingdom Tottori, whose goal is to make Tottori a funner place through manga.

Their most recent project is an exhibition dedicated to international comics called Tottori Manga Dream World that spans three venues around Tottori.  Also, throughout the latter half of 2012, they will be hosting a special exhibit featuring Japan’s favorite Disney Character, Stitch.

This is the first exhibit of its kind in Japan. Called A 10 Year History of Stitch, it will feature over 200 pieces chocked full of Stitch’s unique character including artwork and a quiz, all chronicling the past 10 years since his big screen debut.  It is also reported that Experiment #626 himself will occasionally sneak into the event to play tricks on unsuspecting guests, so if you do attend, watch your back.

There will also be a secret regarding the origin of Stitch that will be revealed only at this exhibit!  So if large dunes by themselves aren’t enough to get you out to the Manga Kingdom of Tottori you can make a day of it with Sand Dunes and Stitch.  Hey, that has a nice ring to it!

Original Article by: Kado Ikeda on Pouch (Japanese)
Source: Tottori Manga Dream World (English)
Pictures: © Disney

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