Nothing beats the summer heat like a day at the pool…thought everyone in China, apparently, judging from these pictures posted to Chinese message board site Tiē Tiē.

It looks like pool visitors hardly have any room to move, let alone swim. Really they’re just soaking shoulder-to-shoulder in a giant soup of chlorinated water and each other’s filth. But that’s what public pools are all about, right?

We wouldn’t advise grabbing a tube and hopping in with the rest of the country right away though: back in 2008, one man died and over 3000 people were poisoned from swallowing the urine and feces-laced water of a Beijing swimming pool.

Looking at the comments at the bottom of the site, even Chinese netizens were surprised at the aquatic chaos unfolding in these images.

And who could blame them? It’s amazing that these people didn’t turn around and go home the moment they saw how crowded the pool was. We understand that it must be hard to find relief from the heat in a country with a population of over a billion, but the water in these pictures looks anything but refreshing; it looks like hell.

No, really: it actually looks like the fifth circle of hell.

Source: Tie Tie Mop, The Daily Squib

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