Another month, another convenience store nikuman (steamed meat buns) modeled in the likeness of a popular character. Just in the past year we’ve seen Dragon Quest’s Slime, Puyo Puyo, Spiderman and Toy Story’s Little Green Men.

This time, everyone’s favorite blue-haired digital diva, Hatsune Miku, has offered her face for your consumption as a part of an ongoing promotional campaign between the popular Vocaloid and Family Mart.

Okay, so technically it’s Hachune Miku, a blank-eyed, gaping-mouthed, green onion-carrying Hatsune Miku derivative:

But still, Hatsune Miku nikuman! Mikuman!? Miku-niku!? It sounds great on paper, but it’s the middle of August and who wants eat steaming hot meat buns in this sweltering heat?

I mean, just look at what the heat has done to poor Miku…

For comparison, here’s a few more images of what the Mikuman are SUPPOSED to look like…

Hachune Miku Nikuman (green onion and salt flavor, go figure) are available for at Family Mart stores across the country for a limited time only while supplies last.

The promotion itself, titled “Hatsune Miku 5th Anniversary Miku LOVES Famima Campaign,” will last until September 10. There are plenty of sweet Miku goods on sale, so be sure to get to your nearest Family Mart before then!

Source: Itai News

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