In the cold of winter everyone knows how important it is to keep your feet warm.  Shouldn’t it stand that in the lingering heat of summer, cool feet are equally important? Of course, we can’t all go around barefooted, and in most societies business is conducted in shoes and socks.  Feet take the brunt of the heat when temperatures soar with humidity on a constant rise.  It can’t be helped because feet are most likely wrapped in socks and placed in shoes that keep out the air so that they are enveloped in humid heat.  Poor feet! 

The “USB Shoe Cooler,” a USB stick with attached tube sends cool air to the bottom of your feet, could be the answer that shoe-clad feet all over the world have been waiting for!

The main wearers of shoes and socks in Japan would have to be the salary men.  Have you ever seen a salary man go to the office in sandals?  Unheard of!  Sweaty faces, hands and necks can be wiped off with towels or a handkerchief. 

A perfectly socially acceptable way to take care of those exposed areas.  But being kind to feet presents a kind of dilemma.  How many friends would the salary man lose if on getting back to the office from a sales walk about he took off his shoes and socks to air out his feet?  Eww yuk!  He would be the bane of every OL in the office!  The perfect answer is this USB stick, which sends cool air through a tube straight to his feet!  Fellow colleagues may even wonder why our salary man can walk around looking so cool in all this heat!

It’s easy to use, just belt the stick around your ankle, insert the tube into your shoe and press the ‘on’ button.  Cool air will be pumped to your hot sweaty feet in no time. 

The USB Shoe Cooler has been on the market from June 12th and is produced by Sanko Co Ltd and can be purchase from Amazon

USB operated fans and air conditioning are not unheard of, but this is the first ever air-conditioning precisely for the feet. 

A spokesperson for Sanko said that the USB shoe heaters first sold last winter did well enough that coolers were the next step!  Finally something to help dry off wet shoes through those dreadful wet days of the rainy season!

Here are a couple more innovative uses for this USB shoe cooler!

Try it on your armpits!  Why not?  If it can cool pavement pounding feet in mid summer, then it certainly would cool that other place which gets very little air!

Going to the beach?  Maybe you just don’t have it in you to blow up that beach ball for the kids to play with.  Never fear!  Let the Shoe Cooler do the work for you!

You see, you don’t have to be a salaried shoe-clad salesman to make use of this exciting new item!

Source: Excite Bit