We’ve reported several times in the past on some of the unusual jobs taken on by Hello Kitty, including cosplaying as characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Sadako (from the Ring series), or even getting baked whole into golden brown cakes.

Well, since Ms. Kitty, as we sometimes call her when she’s in business mode, is so willing to take on any job thrown at her, some people have apparently decided to send Ms. Kitty on a virtual “tour of hardship” to put her professionalism to the test, and we’ve found a collection of pictures showing some of the hardships she endures.

So, let’s see what torments our beloved Ms. Kitty has been going through!

The pictures, originally posted on the blog site thaeger.com and also introduced on the Japanese entertainment site Karapaia , may not be for faint-hearted Hello Kitty fans, as they portray Ms. Kitty in some extreme situations.

▼We have Ms. Kitty being hung from Tweety Bird’s cage, looking limp and helpless.

▼Then, there’s Ms. Kitty sliced as part of a colorful sushi bento – ouch!

▼She’s also skewered on a stick, ready to be barbecued.

▼How about Ms. Kitty enduring a thousand pinpricks as a pincushion?

▼Oh dear, here’s Ms. Kitty being electrocuted!

▼Ms. Kitty bravely faces the firing squad in this picture.

▼Gasp, now Ms. Kitty is about to be trapped in … a huge pile of excrement!

▼And as if all of the above was not enough, someone had to stick Ms. Kitty in the middle of a pile of firecrackers (or is that dynamite?).

Okay, so now you can see we weren’t kidding when we said that the pictures depicted some extreme situations! But once again, Ms. Kitty seems to put on a brave face through all of these hardships. We just hope Ms. Kitty doesn’t get too fond of enduring tortuous situations; we wouldn’t want her to be known as Hello Kitty the masochistic cat. Still, we have to say we admire Ms. Kitty for her courage and endurance. Bravo, and we look forward to continue seeing Ms. Kitty in an increasing assortment of delightful roles!

Source: thaeger.com via Karapaia (Japanese)