Every foreign visitor to Japan has experienced it at some point: you’re walking through a convenience store when you catch a glimpse of a product with an outrageous name that you just have to take a picture of.

User yt0648 over at Japanese list-sharing site Naver Matome has put together a list of 10 Japanese product names that turn foreigner’s heads. While there are surely more hilarious choices out there, the list does a pretty good job at putting together the most commonly.

Have a look below!

1. Petit Bit

These little chocolate squares can be misinterpreted as “tiny penis,” apparently.

2. Mos Burger

The name is actually an acronym of mountain, ocean and ssun, but those unfamiliar with this popular Japanese burger chain may think of the moss plant first. I always just thought they were Star Wars fans…

3. White Water For Men

There’s a lot going on in the name of this low-calorie yogurt-flavored water, but I’m just glad they didn’t make the mistake of using “by” or “of” instead of “for.”

4. Pocari Sweat

Perhaps the most well known product on the list since you can find this electrolyte-recharging sports drink in just about any vending machine in the country, it begs the question: “Who is Pocari, and why must we drink his sweat?

5. Asse

Chocolate ass bars, what else is there to say?

6. Creap Creamy Powder

Even though it’s pronounced “creep,” this creamy powder is used for sweetening coffee, not for warding off disgusting guys trying to get your number.

7. Men’s Fudge

Oh myyyy…

8. Cream Collon

Contrary to what you might think, these tasty little cream puffs contain no traces of human intestine. “Collon” is actually a non-standard romanization derived from the Japanese onomatopoeia korokoro, which described something small and round rolling over.

9. Calpis

You might need to say it out loud to get it, but here’s a hint: bovine urine.

10. Crunky Nude Balls

American rapper Lil Jon’s nude balls of choice.

And that’s the list! Have anything to add from your travels to the land of unfortunately-named products? Share them in the comments below!

Source: Naver Matome