Violent anti-Japan protests, triggered by the recent landing of activists from China on some disputed islands, are now being reported in various cities in China. Less dramatic than the trashing of Chinese-owned Japanese cars and vandalism of Chinese-staffed Japanese restaurants, there have been calls to boycott Japan-made goods, which makes this fellow below a bit of a curiosity.

Check out the gear he’s wearing

The man was photographed at the site of one of the demonstrations, and, as you might infer from the red circle with the big fat X through it on his t-shirt, he seems to be advocating the boycott of Japanese goods. (The writing on the shirt says very simply, “Boycott Japanese goods”.) If you look closely, you can see various logos of Japanese companies printed around the t-shirt. At the same time, what this guy has prominently around his neck is a nice Canon strap for his presumably Canon camera. He’s just asking for it, isn’t he?

In the context of the destruction of Japanese cars and Japan-related business in these same protests, some people in the media are pointing out the wider, more global implications of such pictures: “What will the rest of the world think of China from seeing pictures like this?” “There are Chinese who make their living using or selling Japanese goods”. Whether this particular man went to the protest just to ignorantly gawk, we may never find out.

Source:Weibo @幽壹

▼Yup, it says Canon alright

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