As you may already know, every summer, coinciding with the anniversary of the end of World War 2, bickering of one kind or another occurs between China (and Korea) and Japan. This year, things seemed to escalate with some provocative statements by Tokyo’s governor. More recently, some activists from China traveled and tried to stage some kind of sit-in on said islands. And now, to take things further, anti-Japan protests in China have become violent.

The woman pictured above in tears was at the site of one of these protests. What happened to her? Did she do anything wrong?

The woman apparently had gone to participate in the protests, and when she went back to where she parked her car, she found her Nissan turned over and trashed. So, part of the unruliness is people are trashing Japanese cars, restaurants (owned by Chinese, incidentally), and other things visibly Japanese – they even attacked a made-in-Japan police car(!) (video)

We can see the from the flag she’s holding her intentions that day, but obviously things went beyond what she expected. Does insurance cover “destruction due to self-induced misunderstanding” or “underestimation of public disorder”? This particular woman’s case has gone a bit viral in both Japan and China and the comments are interesting. In China, one person comments: “She bought a Japanese car, and she ended up paying a fair price.” A Japanese person writes on Twitter: “If she was serious, she should have come after trashing everything she owned that was Japanese.”

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