Nothing says traditional Russian fold crafts like Matryoshka dolls. Go to any gift shop in Russia and you’re sure to find a set of the little wooden figures on sale.

Sometimes you can even find dolls painted with a quirky theme, such as famous musical acts or soviet leaders. One of our reporters came across a set of President Obama & family Matryoshka dolls on sale for about US $30 at a souvenir shop in Sakhalin.

Needless to say, he bought it on the spot.

Lining up the dolls from tallest to shortest, the order goes like this: Obama -> Michelle -> Malia -> Natasha.

You would naturally think that the smallest doll would be Obama family’s beloved dog Bo, but that position was apparently reserved for a black bear…though the bear does seem to be adorned with the colorful lei Bo is known for having worn during his White House arrival.

Perhaps it’s some kind of insidious “Russian Bear in the White House” prank? Those Russians! Always having to Putin the last joke…

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