You think mugshot, you probably think of some haggard, seedy character looking back at you. It just goes to show, even cute girls end up in jail sometimes. Below are an assortment pretty faces and some not-so-tasteful comments from the peanut gallery in Japan.

And just because we know you’re wondering, apparently none of them were arrested for prostitution. Those gems are saved for the end.

  • She’s actually enjoying posing for the picture. lol

A selection of insightful comments from 2ch users:

  • All of them look like they do drugs.
  • Maybe it’s because they’re labeled “criminals”, but they all just look crazy to me. The parts of their faces are just nicely put together.
  • >In deference to their beauty, I give my forgiveness.
  • It’s actually true that good-looking people get lighter sentences.
  • The question is, what exactly were they each arrested for?
  • Doesn’t matter if they’re pretty. They’re criminal trash.
  • The pictures are taken nicely. The photographer was doing his best lol
  • They’re complete angels compared to the pictures of actual prostitutes last post.

Said prostitute mugshots below:

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