According to  recent Chinese market reports, a patron of a McDonald’s in the city of Guangzhou of the Canton Province, took his grievances over his overly spicy burger to the police, causing quite a commotion.

The disturbance took place in mid-August when a man went into McDonald’s for his dinner, ordering a Spicy Chicken Burger.  On finding it much more spicy than the previous one he’d had, he reported it to the police!

The spicy chicken burger is supposed to be spicy, but its spiciness must have been so very unbearably distressful—a breach of his civil rights, even—that he felt he had to make a police report.

The incident was taken up on Chinese twitter, spreading rapidly and getting quite a bit of attention.

A local paper reporting the episode interviewed the manager of this McDonald’s who admitted to the matter, confirming that there had indeed been such a scene.  The customer explained to the police that the last spicy chicken burger had not been so hot and spicy, but this one was not right.

What is behind this extreme measure over such a seemingly trivial thing as an overly spicy meal?  The precedent being that fast food like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken are supposed to be reliably uniform in their taste, serving size, and quality all around the world.  This incident very well may be the result of China’s sub standard processing methods, something that has been called into question on many occasions, time and time again.   It could be that in China it is necessary to appeal to the police when your fast food is not up to par.

When the problem of the different tasting burger was pointed out, the McDonald’s in question offered to replace it with another of the same kind.  Something which was immediately rejected by the customer.  As Internet users became aware of the incident the reactions on Chinese twitter and other information sites came pouring in:

  • “If he didn’t like the taste he could have gone home.” 
  • “Why make such a big deal over a cheap meal!”
  • “Who does he think the police are?  They don’t have time for such trivia!”    

Many people criticized the man for his over reaction to the taste of his burger.

But then there were some people who grabbed the opportunity to take a stand against this McDonald’s questionable quality control of their products, defending the man’s means of getting attention.  The comments here varied:

  • “The french fries are certainly too salty to eat at times.”
  • “The texture of the meat is unreliable, sometimes it is really tough!”

One commenter on the situation wrapped it up with:

  • “As long as you are in China, expecting good quality of Chinese-made foreign brands is laughable!”

That, made by one Chinese citizen, may be one of the most realistic observations ever!