Nothing quenches yours thirst on a hot summer day like a chilled can of cola. Some people, eager to make their cold beverage even more refreshing, may think of leaving a can in the freezer for a few hours.

This is exactly what one boy in China did, leaving with him with 38 stitches after the frozen can exploded in his face the moment he opened it.

The incident, which was reported by the boy’s mother on Chinese Twitter-like service Sina Weibo on August 26, has served to alert the Chinese public to the dangers of defying common sense and freezing carbonated beverages.

According to the boy’s mother, the accident occurred on the night of August 25 after he took a frozen can of cola out of the freezer. The moment the boy pulled open the tab, the can exploded from the top and sent chilled aluminum shrapnel flying at his face.

The boy was severely injured and returned home from the hospital that night with 31 stitches on his face and 7 on the inside of his mouth.

The next day, the mother posted pictures of her son’s injury to Sina Weibo as a warning to others who chill carbonated beverages by putting them in the freezer.

“This accident has taught us a huge lesson. It is a lesson we must never forget. Families with small children, please be careful. Do not put carbonated beverages in the freezer.”

Cans are designed to hold only a certain volume of liquid. When soda or other carbonated beverages are frozen, not only does the water expand as it turns to ice, but the carbon dioxide gas gets squeezed out of the mixture as it solidifies, building up even more pressure on the walls of the can.

When a can of soda is left in the freezer long enough, it will usually explode on its own, creating a sticky mess but injuring no one. This boy seems was probably unlucky enough to take the can out as it was reaching critical mass.

Source: Weibo @成都美食排行, SOHU(Chinese)

▼ That ain’t no cola stain on his shirt.

▼ Luckily, the shrapnel didn’t reach his eyes and the injury was confined to the lower part of his face.
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