On August 12 in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, calls were flooding into the local police department that “a dead body was floating in the river.”

When they arrived on the scene they indeed found a young woman floating by herself, except she wasn’t dead. She was napping.

According to reports, the woman, after having a heated argument with her husband, downed about 20 cold tablets and took a walk by herself to let off some steam.  Clearly she didn’t choose a daytime formula because during her stroll she was overcome with a strong sensation of drowsiness.

Unable to resist the sleepiness, she tumbled into the river she was walking along. Her only memory of the incident was a choking feeling after she hit the water, but the urge to sleep was greater.

This just happened to work to her advantage, as the woman was able to calmly float on her back, preventing her from drowning.  She is believed to have floated on the surface in this manner for 40 minutes, when the police rescued her.

Luckily she didn’t catch a cold from the river either, and Chinese police were just glad it wasn’t a sex doll this time.

Source: Record China via Gizmodo (Japanese)