Not too long ago, we showed you some fantastic Disney and One Piece crossover art. This time, internationally popular manga series Yu-Gi-Oh! gets the Disney treatment, thanks to net artist scaragh.

The artist has long been a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, saying, “Well, I know I’ve said this a lot lately (sorry!), but I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid, and now that I’ve found the abridged series, I started watching it…again! I’ve got a bunch of sketches I hope to finish and post soon, but for now, I figured this should go first.”

Scaragh’s illustration features the main character Yugi Muto, his rival Seto Kaiba, and many other popular characters from the series in a wonderful and distinctly Disney-like style, and it’s been garnering a lot of attention, not just overseas, but in Japan as well.

Here are a handful of the enthusiastic comments on scaragh’s deviantART page:
-I would love to really see this as a series!!!!
-I just died. These are fantastic!
-Kaiba is hot.
-Jyonouchi looks so much better!
-Oh god, right in the childhood.
-Pegasus is so awesome!
-Ryou is so adorable but Bakura is so smexy! Good thing we don’t have to choose, since they’re in the same body!
-i like disneyfied yugi and pegasus… pegasus looks actually sane and not gay and yugi just looks older…not like he is 10 years old
-OMG, Shacho is so cute! This is great!
-These illustrations could be made into a movie as is.

So if you are going by the fan response, this quality work is ripe for a Disney movie debut. We’ll have to see if Bob Iger takes note…

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