There’s a lot of things you can put in a box to please your girlfriend. And to the loving boyfriend, that smile of anticipation as she unwraps the box and the gasp of delight as she sees what’s inside is insatiable.

Earlier this week in China, one such loving boyfriend decided that he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a box containing the most joyous gift he could think of: himself.

Yet when the package arrived at his girlfriend’s office, it was not a gasp of delight she let out but a shriek of terror, for inside the box lay her boyfriend, unconscious and deathly pale after passing out from oxygen deprivation.

Here’s how the tragedy played out. Before attempting the ill-fated stunt, the boyfriend conspired with a friend to be on the scene with a camera to photograph his girlfriend’s expression of unadulterated joy as she opened the box containing him.

The boyfriend then arranged for local parcel delivery service to pick him up from home and deliver him to his girlfriend’s office while she was at work. When the time for his delivery approach, he climbed in the box, had his friend seal the lid and made himself comfortable. Surely this would give her a surprise to remember!

An adorable, if not slightly narcissistic, sentiment to be sure, but there was one problem: he forgot to open up air holes in the box, trapping himself in a cardboard prison with a very limited supply of oxegyn.

The package arrived at his girlfriend’s office and the friend was there with camera on hand. Everything seemed to have gone according to plan. But when the girlfriend opened the package, she found her beloved curled up in the fetal position, unmoving and unconscious.

Luckily, he had just passed out and regained consciousness soon after. Still, he certainly succeeded in giving her the shock of a lifetime!

Source: Sina Weibo @叨特冷2世(Chinese)

▼ The package arrives at the office

▼ “Hey look! It’s from your boyfriend!”

▼ “I wonder what it could be…”

▼ “Baby, is that you? You so crazy!”

▼ “…baby?”

▼ “Okay, looks like he’s still alive. Let’s take more pictures!”

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