The image you see above is that of a standard banana parfait in Japan. Pleasing to the eye and undoubtedly delicious.

The image that comes after the break in this article, which was retweeted over 13,000 times after going viral in Japan earlier this week, is that of a banana parfait arranged to like a giant…you know…

Just check the image below.

WARNING: The image below contains content that may not be suitable for desserts under the age of 18.

The photo was uploaded to Twitter by @chi_chan0915, who write that she had the parfait at an izakaya Japanese pub near Akita station in Akita prefecture.

Well that’s funny. Akita just happens to be the prefecture known to have the most beautiful women in the country. This could be considered an edible representation of how most men feel when they see an Akita beauty.

Incidentally, we know the perfect compliment to this parfait.

Source: My Game News Flash