Russian law and order has been getting a fair bit of heat over their “excessive” sentences of 2 years in prison for an anti-Putin protest in front of a cathedral in Moscow.

Now it appears Moscow police aren’t winning over the hearts of the global community again by apprehending mankind’s most favorite animal, the polar bear.

The polar bear in question was taking part in a Greenpeace protest in front of the Russia’s natural gas company, Gazprom’s headquarters, which looks suspiciously like Biff’s hotel in Back to the Future II.

The demonstration was aimed at stopping the development of the Arctic Circle which is believed to have newly accessible resources due to the melting polar ice caps.  Greenpeace believes that such development of the area could have devastating results to the environment.

At the demonstration the polar also showed a never before seen ability.  They can write pretty good protest slogans like this one directed at Gazprom’s CEO Alexei Miller.

“Miller – Your Driller is Arctic Killer”

For a human that’s probably a B-grade slogan at best. It lacks the punch of a “Hell no we won’t go!” or “Let Donna Martin graduate!” but for a polar bear that’s gold!

Japanese internet meme and bear rights activist Kuma (also known as Pedobear) released a statement.

The statement reads, “One of my boys got pinched, I express my regret [regarding this matter]”

The fate of the polar bear is unknown as he faces charges of unlawful assembly, but he sure looked like a sad bear in that patrol car.  The Russian police on the other hand are being accused of being a bunch of big ol’meanies.

Source: My Game News Flash (Japanese)

Judging by the look on that cops face, the polar bear is using it’s natural defense mechanism: farting

In the background you can see Gazprom headquarters.