Are you curious about people’s wallpaper?  Have you ever found a colleague or acquaintance looking over your shoulder at your wallpaper?  Are you dying to know the wallpaper of the person sitting next to you at work?  Well don’t worry, other people’s wallpaper is a natural curiosity, and according to Irorio, a popular Japanese news blog,  the wallpaper you choose is very telling of what kind of person you are!

With that in mind, a survey was conducted  of  362 males and 506 females to find out the major turn offs for men and women concerning wallpaper choices.

The results are ranked according to gender, in order of distastefulness along with the percentage of men and women who picked them.  The wallpapers most likely to lose you the respect of your friends and colleagues are ranked as follows:

The biggest wallpaper turn offs for men were:

1. A picture of yourself  17.8%

2. Anime characters  15.5%

3. Famous people in the entertainment industry  11.0%

4. Boyfriends or girlfriends 7.5%

5. Husband or wife 7.3%

The biggest wallpaper turn offs for women were:

1. A picture of yourself 20.7%

2. Anime characters  16.9%

3. Boyfriend or girlfriend  9.9%

4. Famous people in the entertainment industry  8.6%

5. Husband or wife  7.4%

First Place, both men and women chose self portraits as the biggest turn off for wallpaper.  A picture of yourself only shows how narcissistic you are.

Second Place, animation characters,  were also the same for both men and women.  Animation characters for adults shows the  immaturity of the wallpaper’s owner.  The general feeling is that adults should get over their dependency on animated characters.  Among animation characters there was particularly a strong opinion against those anime characters popular with pre-pubescent girls.

Third Place for men and fourth place for women, was famous people in the entertainment industry.  Women felt more strongly against pictures of young idols, and gravure idols, than men, but even men thought that it showed a disconnection with reality.  Some women found it somewhat disgusting to find a gravure idol posed sexily on someone’s wallpaper.

It also appears that boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives are not a good idea as subjects of your wallpaper either.  The reasons given were that it stirred up feelings of anger and resentment, unpleasant for people who don’t have anybody.  In other words, people could get jealous of your being able to show off your partner.  The idea that it isn’t appropriate for the work place also came up.

There were also comments against wallpaper choices outside the ranking:

Pictures of children – because you have to find something nice to say about them.

Pictures of inspirational places of good fortune and pictures mystical in nature – because they are spooky.

Pictures that come with the cell phone – Using these pictures shows too much indifference to the world around you.

Having absorbed these statistics, many people reacted with a cry of despair, ‘So what IS alright to use as wallpaper?’

Changing your wallpaper is a good way to get a bit of different scenery in your life, it can make the difference in your mood.  If you are at a complete loss as what to use, there are many sites for free cell phone wallpapers .  Maybe it is not such a good idea to be too worried of the effects of your wallpaper on other people, there must be more pressing matters in your life.   Before you start worrying about whether your wallpaper is alright, try wearing  your choice of wallpaper with pride, you simply can’t lose THAT many friends over wallpaper.  You are much more than your wallpaper!

Source: Irorio