Have you ever wondered why some people are massive jerks?  Occasionally you’ll come across someone who just seems to loath everyone and is a misery to be around.  You figure that something terrible must have happened in the person’s past to make them that way.

During a truck accident on a highway in Lanzhou, China, one of these people may have just been created when a driver had his whole cargo of grapes stolen by an entire community.

The driver claimed to have been cruising along the road at a reasonable speed, carrying 3300 boxes of grapes destined for market.  While negotiating a tight curve, the truck tipped over spilling out the entire haul of juicy fruits.

Luckily the driver survived without serious injury. Unluckily, as word of the accident spread to a nearby town, the residents went out to the scene in droves by whatever means of transport they had.

Then without a word they each helped themselves to as many grapes as they wanted. It was as if they were following some code of social conduct that only applied to them where if a grape truck overturns, said grapes are surrendered to the community.

The driver and police on the scene could only look on helplessly outnumbered as the mob which started at 40 people continued to grow.  It got to the point where some townspeople started eating the grapes right in front of the owner.

And just as confusingly as they came, they left without a word.  The combined cost of damage to the truck and stolen cargo of grapes is estimated to be 300,000 yuan (US$50,000).

Authorities are currently investigating the residents of that area making a detailed record of the accident and robbery, but the incident surely took a toll on the driver’s faith in humanity. According to local media he could be seen weeping and lamenting, “I’m bankrupt.”

And so went the Grape Truck Robbery.

Source: Record China (Japanese)
Photos: Lofter (Chinese)

That’s right, smile ladies! These photos will be used against you later in a court of law.