Two photos of a Chinese man holding and then gutting what appears to be a small dragon has surfaced on the internet.

Not much information is offered on the story behind the photos and no one seems to know who the young man is or how he acquired the mythical serpent.

Chinese and Japanese netizens have been quick to dismiss the dragon as a fake but, upon closer examination of the photos, we here at RocketNews24 have found compelling evidence that it is indeed the real deal:

  • The man in the photo is exhibiting the natural human reaction to finding a strange, new living organism: kill it and cut it open.
  • It is unlikely that China posses the skill to create a model of such realistic quality.
  • That adroable puppy in the bottom left corner of the first picture is playing with the dragon’s tail and so it is obviously not photoshopped.

The verdict is in: Grab your cleavers because it’s dragon hunting season in China.

Source: TT Mop