A series of three videos have been causing controversy on the Japanese internet for showing what seems to be voyeuristic footage of Japanese junior high school girls at a public pool being asked to use their hands to pump water from a bucket until it sprays out the end of a PVC pipe as part of an “experiment for a summer project.”

We’ve embedded the videos below but would like to warn viewers that they contain suggestive images of minors in bikinis. While there is no nudity, throughout most of the video, the camera is blatantly focused on the young girls’ bodies as they move their hands up and down with the pipe.

The videos are titled “Summer Vacation Independent Research: Human Pump Water Jetting,” and were posted to YouTube late last month by user tani kazumi. While it is unclear if tani kazumi is the one of took the video, it should be noted that the 2012/08/26 time-stamp on the footage matches the date the videos were uploaded to YouTube.

The description for each video reads the same: “An experiment to spray water out of a bucket using PVC pipes. Try it yourself!

Each video shows a different group of girls (and one boy in the third) standing around a bucket of water while they move a PVC pipe up and down with their thumb over the end to create a pump. Once the water sprays out the end of the pipe the man filming thanks the girls and they leave.


While no other background information about the videos is given, a few conclusions can be made from watching them all the way through.

First, judging by how the videos were filmed at a public pool and how the girls just say “thank you!” and walk away after completing the “experiment,” it can be assumed the cameraman has no relation to the girls being filmed. If he were a school teacher or instructor of some other kind, the girls would probably stand around and wait for further instruction — and would probably be dressed in something other than a bikini.

It’s therefore likely that the cameraman brought the bucket and pipes to the pool and asked random girls to participate in his “experiment.”

In the first video, the girl in the white bikini seems to be having trouble and innocently asks: “did the water come out for everyone?”, to which the man replies: “it comes out for some people and doesn’t for others; that’s what I’m researching right now. There are a lot of people who can make it come out after about 5 minutes.”

Additionally, as many Japanese viewers have suggested in the comments, the shakiness of the camera as he is filming suggests that he is using a hidden camera, perhaps build into a pair of glasses or sunglasses.

Many Japanese viewers have commented that they have flagged the video as inappropriate or contacted YouTube to investigate the uploader’s account. SUCCESS!

Source: VIPPER