We had better warn those of you who sit near the photocopier at work of the perils of this machine. As you go about your daily business, you could be in danger of suffering a fate worse than sitting next to the guy who eats egg salad at his desk.   

You laugh.  A copier?  Come on, you gotta be kidding me.  That shredder looks pretty nasty, but the copier?  It’s got nothing on me!

Foolish human.  Smoke, fire, crumpled paper…you may think these are the worse things that your photocopier will try and assault you with.  But oh no my friend, you are mistaken.  When your copier goes on rampage mode, you’ll wish it produced an itty bitty puff of smoke and you’ll lament not having asked for a desk change months ago.

Take a look at this:


It looks as if the copier caught on fire and burned the carpet.  But take a look at the lower part of the machine…it’s not scorched at all.  The mysterious black shadow that has been cast upon the copy room was not caused by the soot of a fire.  If fire was to blame, the photocopier would be melted and burned. Other than the blackness, the lower part of the copier seems to be intact.  Something else is at work here.

The smudge radiating from the lower part of the photocopier is toner…rogue toner.  This toner has decided to deviate from its intended use and turn itself into a weapon of mass destruction.

Instead of coming out from the body of the machine, this marvelous toner has decided to explode from the bottom of the copier.  This picture must have sent a shiver up the spine of those of you who sit near the copier at work.  You can always clean your clothes, but you will never be able to wash away the emotional scars after being owned by a machine as boring as a photocopier.


Oh no, this wasn’t a freak accident either.  After a quick internet search, we were able to come up with several pictures of the same thing happening to unsuspecting office workers.  And once the copier has decided to activate rampage mode, you may think your precious vacuum will save you from this horrible mess.  Think again!   

The filter bags in most consumer vacuum cleaners aren’t fine enough to catch the toner particles. Sending the vacuum to work on spilt toner will simply send the tiny particles into the air, casting an even darker cloud upon the office.  What’s more, toner is designed to carry a strong electrical charge and is likely to combust (i.e. EXPLODE!!!) when mixed with a high concentration of air.  Don’t even think about using hot water to clean up toner, it will just melt in place since toner is basically plastic, wax and coloring.  When cleaning, you can’t even strong arm the toner into submission; any vigorous rubbing will cause the wax in the toner to melt and smear.     

Hah!  And you thought the photocopier was no threat at all.  Fool!

Here’s what Twitter users had to say:

It’s a dust storm!


The toner!!!  The TONER!!!!

Wow!  It’s chaos!  It looks like a portal to another world.

The horror!!!

I guess you could call this a “powder explosion”

This looks more like fire damage than a toner explosion.

Explosion? Everyone in the office probably had a toner beard.

There’s that much toner in the machine?

I’ve never seen anything like this!

It looks like the office is being taken over by darkness.

It would have been better if it was a colored toner…every office needs a little bit of rainbow brightening.

Source: YukawaNet