Nintendo’s 3DS ninja breast physics simulator Senran Kagura: BURST has been doing well for itself since it was released late last month, receiving a solid 30/40 from Japanese gaming publication Famitsu and reportedly outselling the first title in less than a week.

Promotional tie-ins have also been in plenty, such as last month’s cleavage-inspired gelato and the ongoing Senran Kagura sexual stimulant energy drink for gamers.

And if you still haven’t had enough lewd ninja madness, here come three “Senran Kagura Enormous Breast Hyper T-Shirts” so you can cover your entire upper body in half-naked anime girl!

The T-shirts will go on sale next month but can be pre-ordered online from maker Hobby Stock.

Three designs are available and each shirt costs 5,800 yen (about $75 US) and comes with a limited-edition badge featuring the same artwork as the shirt.




Hobby Shop was considering Senran Kagura Enormous Breast Hyper Pants to go along with the T-shirts, but decided against it after realizing that no one actually wears pants while playing the game.

Source: Hobby Stock via 4gamer

■The complimentary badges. Though “complimentary” is a hard sell when the shirt is $75.