Robotics Company Boston Dynamics has recently uploaded a video their Legged Squad Support System (LS3) being tested in rugged outdoor terrain.  The robot is designed to carry equipment for soldier over uneven landscapes.

It’s a pretty incredible feat of engineering with only one apparent flaw: It reminds Japanese Twitter users of Homo, a recent meme that has swept the nation.

Homo’s origins trace back to April 2012 on Twitter. It has become something of a mascot for fujoshi (rotten girls), which refers to female fans of yaoi or boys love, which involves placing real or fictitious characters into fictitious homosexual romances.

Homo is a cute little jellybean-like creature which moves around on all fours and says “Homo…”  It’s ment to represent fujoshi prowling for homo-erotic content, but may also resemble a dude playing catcher.

It began as a simple ascii character, which developed into countless artistic interpretations on Twitter and spawned its own line of merchandise. Homo is often depicted carrying bags and luggage which is interesting given the purpose of the LS3.

And so, in a case of what could be the worst timing ever, the U.S. Marine Corps and DARPA have sponsored the design of a robot resembling possibly the gayest meme ever created. Luckily their final concept has a more macho Halo/AT-AT Walker design planned.

Source: My Game News Flash (Japanese)
A nice collection of Homo gifs and related images: A!@attrip (Japanese)
*If you’d like to learn more about Homo happenings check Twitter (in Japanese) ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ

 Some interpretations of Homo

 Be careful or you too might accidentally look like a Homo.

 Kusarigami (rotten god)