Makeup has been known to do some wonderful things and it’s been known to do some terrible things. Whatever your stance on the application of lavish amounts of cosmetics is, there’s no denying that it can do some pretty astounding things to the human visage.

To really appreciate how radical the transformation can be, it helps to look at side-by-side comparisons of people with and without makeup. Or better yet, as the girl above has so graciously demonstrated for the Internet, look at photos of people with half their face painted in makeup and half their face without.

Okay, okay. So her skin color has lost that fresh peach color, but the change doesn’t seem to be too drastic and she’s got that cute wink while scratching your head in embarrassment thing going on.

But wait!

How’s that for the power of makeup? But which do you prefer?

Take a look at a few more similar photos below via Izismile, and pay attention to the eyes!

■ A pro showing how it’s done!

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