This weekend Japanese (and other) businesses in China have been the victims of a spate of arson attacks as well as vandalism and looting as anti-Japan protests have escalated to record levels since Japan and China established diplomatic ties in 1972.

The current series of protests are a response to the Japanese government purchasing the disputed Senkaku Islands from the previous owners, the Kuihara family.  Some say that the government’s move was to stop further tensions that could be created if outspoken and controversial Tokyo governor, Shintaro Ishihara, succeeded in purchasing the uninhabited islands.

The move, however, was unable to stop a flood of demonstrators in several locations in major cities of China to take to the street.  As usual in protests of this size and nature a certain segment which enjoys the destruction of Japanese made products (often owned by Chinese people) and businesses (often owned and staffed by Chinese people)  appears.

Yet this time the level of damage as reached previously unseen heights as entire factories, car dealerships, department stores and supermarkets were set ablaze, smashed, broken into and looted.

The impact this will have on Japanese businesses in China is still unclear but likely to be disastrous.

The following are several photos taken from the ongoing protests.

Source: My Game News Flash 1 & 2 (Japanese)