Assorted Sashimi Plate

Itamae Baru, a Japanese food restaurant in Tokyo’s ritzy Ginza district, offers dishes to get excited over!  Why? You can’t find steamed abalone for 500 yen ($6.25 US) or uni pasta with generous amounts of sea urchin for 780 yen ($9.75 US) this tasty anywhere else in the city!

Itame Bare is one of these wonderful up and rising  restaurants where young itamae, or sushi chefs, create Japanese dishes for astonishing low prices! 

We went to Baru for a taste of this amazing fare.

Assorted fresh fish and shell-fish sashimi plate – including 8 kinds of sea food.  1800 yen ($22.50 US) A sashimi platter like this usually costs at least 2000 yen (about $25.00 US), and that’s without such variety!  This is very reasonable especially with 8 different kinds of sea food.

The itamae did not skimp on any of these eight kinds of seafood so that it was all great in texture and taste.  Something you might not expect for this price.  The jellied melon  in the middle is an excellent added refreshment.  The presentation of all items is first class, mouth-wateringly pleasing to the eye.

8 kinds of sashimi

High Class Expensive food is sold at reasonable prices – This steamed abalone with dried sea urchin sauce is only 500 yen ($6.25 US) and this Japanese pasta with a special sauce full of dried sea urchin is only 780 yen ($9.75 US). Even these expensive delicacies are very affordable.

The steamed abalone was a perfect match to the rich flavored sea urchin sauce.  The Japanese pasta was prepared with a creamy sea urchin sauce which was smooth and tasty.  It was rich yet simple in its taste.

Steamed abalone, in sea urchin sauce

Pasta in sea urchin sauce

Japanese chefs show their skills in an abundance of seasonal dishes – Seasonal fish are used in chirashi zushi, the rice bowl version of sushi.  Eggplant is served with Japanese fried beef in a special sauce.  These dishes are 980 yen ($12.25 US) each. These seasonal meals are skillfully constructed by the itamae, who work hard to make them tasty.

The egg-plant dish was particularly good with a soy sauce based sauce bringing out the best in both the egg-plant and the beef.  The beef was a lean cut of meat fried to a tenderness that made our reporter appreciate Baru even more!

Chirashi zushi with seasonal fish

Autumn egg-plant with Japanese beef

All dishes included plenty of vegetables making them healthy – with all these vegetables you can be assured that the food at Baru is not only great tasting but also healthy! Even the sashimi garnish included mizu na, a green leafy vegetable with a slight punch, other than the usual daikon garnish.  The chopped katsuo (bonita) sashimi’s citrus juice mixed with the sliced onions is as healthy as any topping can get.  If you aren’t getting your veggies, you won’t have to worry at Baru because you get plenty!

Chopped katsuo sashimi

Baru also offers white wine and a variety of sakes to go along with its tasty food.  They also have a great crème brûlée for dessert.  The crunchy caramel crust made when they burn the sauce with a burner is just right.  Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream it only costs 400 yen! ($5.00 US)  It is a big enough serving to be shared among three people.   You can’t beat that for quality!  What a fine restaurant!

crème brûlée

If Baru has a shortcoming, it would be that it has limited space, so that you may want to avoid busy times.  Baru, a fine restaurant with a very reasonably priced menu, comes highly recommended!

Japanese Restaraunt Itamae Baru

Japanese Restaurant Itamae Baru is located in Ginza, a two-minute walk from the Hibiya Line Subway Higashi Ginza Station
Itamae Baru (Japanese)
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