To the pyromaniacal factions of protesters out there,

We’re sorry you recently got caught with egg on your faces after torching a Samsung outlet.  To be fair, that’s not such a crazy mistake to make. But to have us believe Swiss-based watchmaker Rolex is somehow wrapped up in the Senkaku Islands row is a little much.

Then again, far be it from us to disagree with an angry mob.  Maybe you know something we don’t?

We wouldn’t dare think that you were just looting the store to get some high end merchandise and really don’t give a rat’s ass about Japan or those islands.  Of course we would never say that about you guys – you have fire.

Perhaps you were provoked by a disgruntled Chinese Domino’s Pizza manager who discovered that Japanese managers get special edition Rolexes for excellent service? That might be a good reason to smash some windows.

So what about Christian Dior in the photo below then? Perhaps it was that interview when he was asked to explain the inspiration to his revolutionary post-World War II designs.

I believe his answer was “the main reason for my designs was a shortage of material at the time… but enough about that, sixty years from now China’s gonna start getting real antsy about some islands.  I, Christian Dior, would just like to go on record as saying those islands are the sovereign territory of Japan.”

So there you go.  Clearly, these photos are just demonstrating the mob’s high intellect when it comes to the minutia of multinational pizza corporations and fashion designers who died of half a century ago.

Well done gentlemen! Can you stop burning stuff now?

Source: Hamusoku, Exawarosu (Japanese)