If you were a kid in the era of pull tabs on canned drinks, you must remember pretending that you were giving your friend a diamond ring when you placed it on their finger.  Maybe you collected pull tabs and made chain necklaces!  With a little imagination the pull tabs were beautiful pieces of jewelry, if only for a moment.

These days pull tabs have given way to stay-on tabs and, sadly, soda can accessorizing is no longer possible.

What is possible is making lovely jewelry out of items you’d normally throw away.  Things like paper, leaves, and netting can all turned into stylish jewelry with Pick a Jewel, a series of simple clip accessories that transforms trash into treasure—if you’ve got the creativity to use them!  

Pick a Jewel accessories, which can be purchased from the Novelax Store International, allow you to fashion what would be considered waste into jewelry you can be proud of.  Just clip anything you like to these bare basic accessories and you have your very own original brooches, earrings, and necklaces!

Pick a Jewel was created by Igarashi Shousei and Mami of Japanese design studio Fift.  Fift is well-known for its fun and innovative creations, such as the Wipe T-shirt , a T-shirt which also seconds as a glasses and cell phone screen wiper.

Mami gives some tips on making the perfect accessory with Pick a Jewel: “The more unexpected the creation, the more interesting it is.  A crumpled piece of paper is nothing more than trash, but if you shape it up a bit and clip it to one of our accessories, a fine piece of jewelry is created.”

For example, pick an Autumn leaf for your jewel for a fashion sense that is literally in with the season.  Mami likes to use bright-colored ginkgo leaves for her seasonal effect.  Her friend clipped on cherry blossom petals during hanami, the Japanese flower viewing season.

They’ve even started a website, Jewel Box for pick a jewel, which introduces some jewelry hints to start you off on a few of the many possibilities.  The choices are endless if you consider that “jewelry equals anything that can be clipped on”!

Pick a Jewel first hit the market in 2010, but it took some time to get the production of the clip just right.  Since July of this year, Pick a Jewel has gone through reformation of its product, logo, and packaging.  In order for the ‘jewel’ to stand out, the clip needs to be as simple and as inconspicuous as possible.

The clip is made from three thin stainless plates bound together.  Its simplicity gives the jewel its rightful place as the main attraction of the accessory.  Although the clip appears simple, it needs to have strength in order to keep up its ability to clip whatever item securely.  With the renewal of the clip, Fift also added earrings and a brooch to the collection.

There are also two color variations to pick from and all accessories are available in gold and silver.

Mami san says that the idea of Pick a Jewel originally came from watching a documentary on the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest, the Yanomami.  “The Yanomami wear a lot of feathers and leaves, and although they don’t have the culture of using metal, they decorate with natural devices in a very creative way.  They looked very stylish.”

“The way they dressed using the natural resources around them left an impression on me.  I wanted to put that kind of creativity to use in our modern-day lives.”

Pick a Jewel items are sold on-line at Novelax Store International  .  The pierced earrings are 3360 yen (about $42 US), the pendant 3150 yen, (about $39.40 US) and the brooch is 2730 yen (about $34 US).

The best thing about Pick a Jewel is that you can enjoy fashioning your own jewelry to your own moods and tastes which can change from day-to-day.  What would you like to clip onto your accessories today?

Source: Excite Bit News