Everyone loves swag. Sometimes the free stuff we get at events is more exciting than the actual event itself. Better yet is when organizers pass out surprise complimentary gifts as you leave, making it feel like early Christmas or when Oprah hides the keys to a new Pontiac G6 in a mystery gift box under everyone’s seat.

However, rumor has it that the mystery gift boxes passed out to guests at the end of a conference held by Chinese state-owned telecommunication company China Mobile has inspired not feelings of joy, but of devestation.

The photo above was uploaded to Chinese image sharing site TTMop by a conference attendee.

“I thought it was a book at first,” he writes. But when he opened the top of the simple cardboard package, he found a slim electronic device with four USB ports.

Could this be a new tablet designed by China Mobile, passed out to attendees as a surprise to build hype!?

The build doesn’t seem to be of the highest quality, but maybe it’s one of those budget tablets—and hey, how can you complain when it’s free?

Let’s boot it up and see what OS it’s running…

China Mobile introduces the new iCalculator, now with 400% more plastic.

The uploaded writes: “When I turned it over, I felt like I was going to cry.”

No kidding. I would have taken it back to China Mobile for a refund immediately.

Source: tt.mop.com (Chinese)


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