Manic info site Omocoro has a problem on its hands. While the rest of the team do their part to look good and keep up with the latest fashions, one member is letting the side down, and it’s only just dawned on him.

“I’ve been rocking this outfit for years,” admits writer Ueda-san. “Whenever I need to look presentable- whether on stage or at an sponsored event, I’ve reached for these clothes, and I never thought that I might be a poor dresser until co-workers told me that I might want to invest in some new threads…”

Just how bad can it be? Let’s take a look…

Key points to note here are this young man’s glasses which, he admits, he started wearing in the third grade of middle school. Note: not “started wearing glasses in third grade;” rather, he got these exact glasses when he was 15 years old. Next, notice the rather fetching, yet entirely meaningless, coat of arms embroidered onto the grey sweater.

Sure, there’s not an awful lot wrong with this outfit for when lounging around at home or banging out a few blog posts on a laptop, per-se, but when you’re invited on stage alongside your peers or attending promotional events, and are then found to have worn the exact same outfit on every occasion, then we might have a problem.

“And yet I still look so proud of myself in this picture,” the self-confessed fashion failure admits, “…staring straight into the camera with that cocky expression.”

It was only after one live event when some friends starting dropping less than subtle hints along the lines of  “Do you need me to buy some new clothes for you?” that Ueda started to wonder about his personal style.

“I’d been told numerous times, but for some reason it had never hit home,” he muses. “Unsure of whether I should stick to my guns and keep on wearing my usual gear or whether I should set fire to it here and then, I came up with a novel way of deciding.”

Ueda decided to kit his friends out with his favourite outfit and see for himself. The results can’t be all that bad, surely?

Hold on to your butts…

First up, trendy co-worker Makino is given the Ueda treatment.

Hahaha, hello there, sailor!

Does anyone else get a bit of a Star-Trek vibe from this bottom shot?

“I couldn’t believe how dreadful he looked in my gear,” laments Ueda. “He’s often known as ‘the guy with glasses’, but with my clothes and silver-rimmed specs, he looks just like any other guy with glasses…”

Not preturbed, however, he quickly moved on to another friend, Omocoro’s editor in chief, Shimoda-san, a handsome devil and no mistake. How would he fare in his friend’s togs??



Have you seen this man?? Reward for capture!!

Wow, clothes really do make the man after all… The unfastened pants, in particular, complete the look. Poor old Shimoda-san has been transformed from dashing heart-throb to “he was standing over there near the bushes, officer!” police suspect in the blink of an eye…

The last transformation is perhaps our absolute favourite, though. Behold, dear reader, as trendy cat tranforms into that creepy guy in the comic shop…

With the evidence stacked against him, poor Ueda-san decided that there was nothing for it but to torch his rags and start afresh. We don’t know about you fine folks, but first thing tomorrow, we’re heading out to buy a couple of new outfits!

I’ll leave you with a final image courtsey of Omocoro’s photoshopping skills.

Sleep tight, boys and girls…

“Stealing Panties for the Sake of His Country!”

Source: Omocoro