Back in high school, my stepbrother and I got the idea to dress up like ninjas and sneak out at night to stick motivational messages under the windshield wipers of cars around the neighborhood.

Our hope was that when the recipients woke up in the morning and found a small piece of paper on their windshield with “You’re an amazing person!” or “Have a great day!” written on them, they’d be able to stay positive through another long day of work.

Dressing up as ninjas was completely unrelated; we just thought ninjas were cool.

Earlier this week, a Japanese man had criminal charges filed against him for pulling a similar stunt, hoping to spread a little happiness to the public by posting pages of his own hand-drawn erotic manga (comics) to cars parked in a private parking lot.

Police in the Noda ward of Kobe began receiving complaints last year from local apartment residents who claim “indecent manga” were posted on their door or in other public areas.

In June of this year, similar images were found posted to cars in a private parking lot in the same ward. Police finally spotted the man as he was attempting to post his latest piece one month later in July.

The man, a 44-year-old unemployed Kobe resident, quickly admitted to the charges, explaining: “I wanted people to know about my artistic talent.”

Upon investigating the man’s home, police found dozens of hand-drawn erotic manga, some with tape on the back for easy hit-and-run display.

Local residents are relieved to have the man’s public porn spree finally brought to a halt. One male apartment resident, 47, explains he was appalled when he first saw the images posted in public: “New pictures would keep going up despite there being lots of kids in the neighborhood. It was too much to bear.”

“The art style seemed old-fashioned,” he adds, “but I never thought the culprit would be the same age as me.”

Maybe that’s what the rogue artist was doing wrong. Of course people are going to complain: no one’s going to be able to get their rocks off if it’s vintage porn.

Source: Itai News