Hot on the heels of its free hamburger campaign, mind-bogglingly successful hamburger chain McDonald’s Japan has just announced a new offer that’s sure to be a big hit with all you early-morning sleepy-heads: free coffee for all.

Wishing to celebrate the fact that autumn/fall/aki has finally arrived in Japan and we’re now able to enjoy a cup of hot coffee without breaking into a sweat after the first sip, the fast food giant is offering customers a completely free cup of coffee every day next week.

Starting Monday, October 1, visiting any of the 2,200 stores taking part in the offer will land you a complimentary cup of joe.

As something of a coffee snob, I used to sneer at the very thought of drinking coffee from a fast food chain (I don’t tip the man who cleans my pool and trims the topiary around my mansion, either…), but it has to be said that the Golden Arches has stepped up its game recently, and, for the usual price of 100 yen (US$1.20), it’s not a bad drop.

Sleepy commuters and late-night party-goers alike can claim their free drink any time between 6 and 9 a.m. from throughout the first seven days of October. Limited to one cup per customer.

You’re very welcome.

Source: Narinari