With Halloween quickly approaching, we hope those of you with plans to go trick or treating have been inspired by some good costume ideas! Although Halloween in Japan is not as major an event as it is in the U.S., more and more people have begun to “celebrate” it in recent years, albeit mainly in the form of pumpkin shaped cookies or Halloween-themed decorations in shops. Baskin Robins Japan is no exception, and the ice cream chain is ready to offer their customers a little Halloween flavor, quite literally!

From September 29th to October 31st, special Halloween-themed flavors and products will be available at Baskin Robins stores around Japan. They’re offering 4 fun flavors – “Pumpkin Pudding” that combines the natural flavor of pumpkin with the sweet taste of caramel sauce, “Pistachio Scream” which combines the brilliant green color of pistachio with the tempting dark brown of chocolate, “Magical Mint Night” which offers a taste of refreshing mint and dark chocolate added with delightful pop rock candy, and “The Witch’s Trick”, a sherbet that seems to trick your senses with purple-colored apple sherbet and red-colored grape sherbet.

See the 4 colorful flavors below, each available from 320yen ($4) per cup and up:

In addition to the special flavors, there are other Halloween-themed items, also a delight to look at (and, of course, taste).

There’s the “Halloween Sundae” (priced from 590yen ($7.35) and up) decorated with a pumpkin cookie and Halloween shaped chocolates, as well as chocolate sauce and colored mints running over a small “stair” of brownies:

There are also the adorable “Halloween Dolls” available in the form of a ghost, panda, bear or rabbit:

For a more simple ice cream treat, there’s the “Halloween Variety Pack”, which offers a choice of 6 or 12 ice cream scoops (priced from 1,480yen ($18.50) and up for 6 scoops and 2,650yen ($33.13) and up for 12 scoops), topped with cute pumpkin and ghost shaped cookies and chocolates:

If you’re thirsty, you can have the “Magical Shake”, priced from 460yen ($5.75) and up for a small size, that you can have custom made with 2 ice cream flavors of your choice, or it seems they also have original flavors such as Pumpkin Latte, Mixed Fruit Au Lait and Rum Coffee, pictured below:

They also have the “Marshmallows and Ghost Crepe”, available with or without ice cream:

Just in case all these sweet treats are not enough for you, Baskin Robins is also conducting an instant lottery that offers customers a chance to win some cute novelty items for every 300yen spent. You can win a set of playing cards, a ball-point pen or a 3D pop-up memo pad:

The weather’s still quite warm, at least here in Tokyo, so it may be an excellent idea to go to Baskin Robins to cool down and also get into the Halloween spirit!

Source: Baskin Robins 31 Ice Cream Japanese website
via Narinari.com news (Japanese)