Who doesn’t love Jackie Chan? His movies are entertaining, he does his own stunts, he’s a great role model and he’s got a smile that could tame a lion. The 58-year-old entertainer is one of the most well-known and well-loved stars in the world, and Japan is no exception.

Which is why it must have felt like a roundhouse kick to the face when he officially threw his weight behind the home team regarding the Senkaku Island dispute on Monday.

“The Diaoyu Islands (Chinese name for Senkaku Islands) definitely belong to China!” said Chan, who was in Taiwan to film scenes for his upcoming film “Chinese Zodiac.

He added, “The Diaoyu Islands belong to China, but what I say doesn’t count, it is up to the government to deal with it; I wish I am Superman, so I can pull the island closer.

Chan was asked for his opinion from Taiwanese media, who egged him on by suggesting that the theme of Chinese Zodiac, recovering treasures stolen from China by foreigners, fit perfectly with Chinese public sentiment over the ongoing territorial dispute.

When asked by the media if he would ever consider filming on the islands, he replied he would not as it is a sensitive issue and there would be nothing to gain.

When you think about it, it’s not really that surprising Jackie Chan would affirm China’s territorial claim to the islands. It’s just, we wish he would have kept it to himself or at least chosen more diplomatic words.

Because I mean, come on. Now that Jackie Chan has claimed Senkaku for China, there’s not much else the Japanese can do. Even if the U.S. government backs Japan, good luck convincing the American public to go against Mr. MiyagiHan.

If only Japan had an international celebrity with enough cultural muscle to offset Jackie Chan…

Source: MSN Japan