Legendary rock band Kiss has been enjoying decades of success both with their infamous live shows and their unbelievably prolific line of merchandise.  Sure you have your Kiss Army badge and Love Gun belt buckle (for the ladies *wink*), but where’s your Kiss Mini Cooper?

If you’re a true Kiss fan do you only play bingo using the official Kiss Bingo set? When you go to Sotheby’s do you take your Kiss auction paddle?  Is your last will and testament set up to have you spend eternity in your very own Kiss coffin or urn?

At this point a Kiss scarecrow doesn’t seem so wild an idea does it?

Okay, clearly this isn’t an official Kiss scarecrow. For starters, it’s a chick, and I’m not totally sure the Japanese rice farmer who made it is even into stadium rock. Perhaps it’s a Chinese farmer’s performance art interpretation of an average Japanese woman?

Or it could just be that this particular make-up design proved to be highly effective against birds. If that’s the case, I recommend Mr. Simmons and company get right on it.  Kiss certainly had a big fan base in the heartland of America and the band could probably pick up a nice chunk with these.

Source: Himajin Sokuhou (Japanese)

▼  It’s good advertising too.  I imagine driving through the countryside, seeing this and remembering I haven’t heard Destroyer in a while.

On the other hand, at night she kind looks like a Juggalo.