Tokyo-based smart-phone application developer SuperSoftware has announced that, after just 18 days, its free app. Manga Camera has been downloaded an incredible two million times.

Launched on September 11, the app. soon became popular among Japanese iPhone users who were thrilled to be able to turn snaps of everyday sights into images that look like they could have been lifted straight from a comic-book.

The application was downloaded one million times within the first 24 hours of its release, and has seen consistently high download rates ever since, popular in China and Korea as well as its homeland.

As well as converting the natural lines, lights and darks from an ordinary photo image, Manga Camera gives users the option to add additional graphics, tag-lines or onomatopoeic lines, an essential part of both manga and the Japanese language, like the Japanese for “zoom”, or words used to express the sudden, dramatic appearance of something, which simply don’t exist in English.

Here’s a sample of photos we took using the app. Note that many of the mimetic words don’t necessarily match the images, but you get the idea!

 ▼Coffee time!

 ▼The hero of time!

▼Late for work or fleeing the scene of a crime?

 ▼Yet more coffee!

The application allows photos to be either saved to the iPhone’s photo library or posted to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and makes even a dull photo of a coffee cup look cool enough to want to share with the world.

Up until now, Manga Camera has only been made available for iPhone users, and is not compatible with iPod touch or iPad. Supersoftware assures us, however, that it is feverishly working on an Android version, and, as well as working on numerous corroborative projects, that the next update will add frames drawn by genuine manga artists.

 ▼RocketNews24’s verdict: A big thumbs-up!

Manga Camera is available to download for free, right now on iTunes, under the title “Manga-Camera” from Supersoftware.

Source: IT Media News