Many people are captivated by the men and women of the two-dimensional world.  Characters in anime have a certain appeal and charm that actual human beings can often not live up to.  Some even say, “I can only love in 2D.”  Those obsessed with the intangible man or woman of their dreams now have the opportunity to bring a little piece of their world to ours with these anime-inspired designer bags.

Jump From Paper” is a series of designer handbags created by up-and-coming Taiwanese designers Chay Su and Rika Lin and offered through online retailer, fu-bi. These innovative bags look as if they have jumped right out of a cartoon or anime.  Just like an illustration, these bags have a thick outlining border and bright color schemes that seem to pop off the page…or your shoulder.

There are many different styles ranging from 5980 yen (US $76) to 7980 yen (US $101), all with an anime-style look. Sales of these unique designer bags began on October 3rd, but quickly sold out within the first two days.

The “Play Hooky” shoulder bag is a popular design for men.


The “Tank” sports bag is also a popular men’s design.


“Bowling bag” handbag for women.

“Afternoon Tea” handbag for women.

“Travel Fever” unisex bag.

“Cheese” shoulder bag.

“Bonjour” unisex bag.

With a design that looks as if it had been clipped from the pages of a manga, these bags are more than just an interesting accessory.  The zippered main pocket is large enough to hold a notebook or iPad (“Afternoon Tea” is smaller than the rest and isn’t big enough to accommodate an iPad).  There is also a side pocket that can easily fit small items like a cell phone, wallet, or keys.  These designer bags are even washable.  Just use warm water and a bit of diluted detergent.  After all, the bags only look like they are made out of paper.

“For those who want to stand out, the ‘Jump From Paper’ bags are perfect.  At first glance, everyone is interested in these unique bags, a true head turner,” commented a fu-bi representative.

You would think anime-lovers are the only ones snatching up these bags, but many fashion-conscious shoppers have been charmed by the “Jump From Paper” series.  It’s an interesting bag that appeals to a wide variety of people.

Source: exciteJump From Paper