A couple in China has invented a “mood detector” that helps to stop couples from fighting.

Couple fights are part and parcel of everyday life. While it is said that small quarrels help to keep the marriage alive, unresolved arguments can escalate into serious conflicts. At times like this, it is always good to have a third-party act as a mediator, but even so, the family counselor cannot be there 24/7. This is when the “mood detector” comes in handy.

Shaped like a portable radio and slightly larger than an iPhone, the detector is officially known in Chinese as the “Warm-family-advice Device”. When unusually loud voices are detected, the device is activated and responds with the gentle reminder: “Please keep your voices down. Thank you!”

The “mood detector” operates on 3 AA batteries, and allows its users to change activation sound level as well as playback volume settings. Besides two kinds of verbal reminders, users can also choose from other playback contents such as piano music, classic hit songs, or even bird chirping sounds.

And of course, there are limitations to the device. It does not work too well outdoors or under noisy conditions, and it has to be placed on a towel or something soft when put on a table to prevent vibrations from interfering with the voice detection.

30-year-old inventor from Chongqing, Yang Lin, came up with the idea while reflecting on his own quarrels with his wife. He then hired overseas engineers on the internet to complete the electronic and aesthetic design. The product was granted patents in China earlier in February.

The device has been garnering positive responses from the public ever since it was introduced on the local TV news. Yang Ling has also received many calls enquiring about the product.

Some of the comments include the following:

Since the device is neutral and doesn’t hold any emotions, it’s better than a human mediator!

What a funny and interesting invention! I want to get one to see if it really works!”

It’s too boring. It should say things like, ‘Hey, you’re fighting again?’ or try taking classic funny dialogues from movies.

The “mood detector” has received over a dozen orders in merely two days after going on sale. The positive response from the public has surprised Yang Lin.

The device is only able to playback a pre-recorded voice now, but Yang Lin says he is looking into ways to improving it, such as personalizing the responses. He sees a big business chance with the “mood detector”, and looks forward to working with others to develop and perfect the device.

Unfortunately for him, sound detector apps are already available on mobile phones, and we think it won’t be long before people start programming them to playback personalized recorded messages. That is, if the “mood detector” actually works, and not piss off the fighting couple even further…

The “mood detector” comes in three colors (red, white, or black) and is available for sale on taobao, China’s online shopping site, for 89RMB (US$14).

Source: cnr.cn