Calendars featuring photos of sexy models posing provocatively are nothing new, but leave it to Japan to come up with a calendar where the date is written on the exposed skin of a woman’s body —and actually make it look artistic.

“Nyotai-Goyomi,” or “Female Body Calendar” in English, was first published in 2011 and features 365 original high-quality photos of Japanese women with the date written on their leg, neck, breast or some other part of their body.

Many the photos cater to popular Japanese fetishes, with models dressed as schoolgirls, nurses or maids, or in traditional Japanese kimono. However none of the photos reveal the model’s face; the focus here is on the female form.

The producer, who goes by the alias RYO, explains that he hopes the photos will help revitalize the good ‘ol Japanese “spirit of sexual fetishism” that seems to be absent from the ever-growing number of sexually indifferent “herbivore men.”

A number of Android apps using photos from the 2011 calendar were also created but most of them have been pulled from Google Play. The only one that remains is Fetish Gravure: Nyotai-Goyomi, a simple photo collection made from 20 of the best images from the 2011 calendar.

The 2011 calendar can be purchased from Amazon Japan here and the 2012 calendar here. Or if you’re too embarrassed to keep a 365-page anthology of timestamped Japanese women on your desk, check the gallery below for a selection of photos from both years via the official Nyotai-Goyomi blog.

Source & Images: Nyotai-goyomi, Ameblo