Some of you may be familiar with South Korean female dance team Waveya from their sexy dance rendition of international K-Pop hit “Gangnam Style” (see below).

While unable to match the raw sexual energy that made PSY’s original music video so successful, the video has gotten over 40 million views on YouTube and has helped the five-piece unit make a name for themselves domestically.

Last month, for example, Waveya was asked to perform at an all-boys high school in Korea. The girls took the stage and began working their sexiest, most seductive moves on stafe in front of the crowd of adolescent males and, as you might imagine, it wasn’t long before every guy in the room found himself standing erect with excitement.

You know, to see Waveya. Because they’re famous now… Pervert.

Waveya sure knows how to play to the crowd, though they probably could have done the Macarena and still gotten the same rise out of their audience.

It’s unclear why the group was chosen to perform at an all-boys high school or if this is even normal for school events in Korea. No doubt an act like this would be the subject of some pretty severe criticism at the PTA meeting if it had been done at a school in any Western country. After all, it’s only a few iron poles and some strobe lights away from being a strip show.

A shorter version of the video posted above that went viral late last month claims Waveya was performing for a group of “engineering kids,” and many people seemed to have interpreted that as meaning they were college students.

It should be noted that high school education is not mandatory in Korea and many students, especially males, opt to attend vocational high schools that offer programs in engineering as well as other technical fields. Therefore the “boys” seen in this video are just that—if you couldn’t gather that from their reaction.

Source: YouTube via Pokakito

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