Love Plus is a dating simulation game by Konami for the Nintendo DS that was released in Japan back in 2009. In the game, players court one of three high school girls until they become the player’s girlfriend, upon which the game becomes open ended and players can take their virtual girlfriend on dates, send them e-mail, do homework together and more.

While it was never released outside Japan, Love Plus was a hit domestically, selling 260,000 copies and spawning a sequel, New Love Plus, which was released for the 3DS on February 14 (yes, Valentines Day), 2012.

What many people don’t know is that Love Plus also inspired an unofficial PC spin-off called Debu Plus, which features a “plus-size” heroine for you to charm (debu is the Japanese equivelant to “fatty”). It is also pornographic and incredibly raunchy, but seems to have done well enough to spawn a sequel, cleverly titled New Debu Plus.

In New Debu Plus, you play as Ruiga, a young Japanese man who finds himself only able to love overweight women. Because of this, he has gone his whole life without having a girlfriend— yes, it’s apparently that hard to find large women in Japan. However, an unexpected turn of events brings Ruiga into a boarding house with three beautiful and perfectly overweight sisters.

Initially, New Debu Plus was slated for release on October 26. Fans eagerly anticipated what would surely be a sweeping tale of romance, family bonding and graphic sexual exploits. However, tragedy struck when, earlier this month, developer Ordin Soft posted an announcement to their official site stating that the game had been indefinitely postponed and the name would be changed.

Ordin Soft makes no mention why the game was delayed, but the decision to change the name from New Debu Plus suggests that Konami may have served them super-sized order of cease and desist. Even the first game, Debu Plus, seems to have been removed from Ordin Soft’s homepage.

While it’s unclear if New Title Pending Plus will ever see the light of day, we’ve gone ahead and posted some teaser screens from the game below to feast your eyes on. While they don’t technically contain nudity, you probably don’t want to have them on screen with friends or family in the room. You know, unless they’re into that sort of thing.

Source: Ordin Soft

▼ Screens from the first game

Our favorite scene: “As she lay there like a beached sea lion, Keiji felt embarrassed to be sitting beside her.

▼ The teaser page for New Debu Plus, before it was taken down (with the naughty bits cut out)

▼ The three Love Plus girls, for comparison