The aesthetic quality of a character cake can be judged by the degree of reluctance felt before cutting into it. Some cakes are so well-crafted that taking a knife to them would be nothing other than desecration of art. Conversely, some cakes are so insultingly terrible that basiac survival instincts would compel most people to take knife in hand and stab them out of their misery.

A series of images recently shared on Chinese Facebook ripoffsocial networking site Renren suggests character cakes in China fall into the latter camp.

The images below were shared by a RinRin member who writes that she ordered a panda cake for her friend’s birthday, even providing the maker with a photo of how she wanted the cake to look like.

However, the product that came back to her wasn’t quite up to par:

Worried that her friend might be put off by a cake that looks like its silently judging you, the poster took it back to the shop to have them scrape off the frosting and give it another go. This was the result:

While frustrated, the poster feared that asking the shop to fix it a third time might result in retaliation, and she settled on the second cake.

The images that follow suggest that this poster isn’t the only one in China who has had to deal with butchered birthday cakes. But while the quality may be rock bottom, the laughs are top-notch.


▼ Doraemon (?) strike an erotic pose

▼ Doraemon on a sacrificial alter of fruit. Notice the claws.

▼ In China, asking the cake shop to recreate this…

▼ Yields this…

▼ Hello Kitty should be simple enough to draw in frosting, right?

▼ Goodbye, Kitty

▼ This might be setting the bar a bit too high…

▼ Not too bad! But why the candle? Why?

▼ The characters of Chinese animated TV series Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf are always a popular request…

▼ And result in various culinary interpretations

▼ The Pink Panther…?

▼ And a few generic animal cakes

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