A collection of 12 products from around the world that were created by reversing the product’s original concept.  From an upside-down phone to a jacket to chill your wine, all twelve items are available for purchase, but many will make you wonder, do I really need that?

1. Turn the ocean into your own personal pool with “Euroship

Attach this orange PVC material floaty to the side of your small ship and easily create your own pool in the middle of the ocean.  250,000 yen (US $3,188) for a tinier, plastic version of the ocean that’s all around you?  What a deal!

2. Watch 3D movies in 2D with “2D-Glasses”

Do you ever feel like 3D movies are a little too extreme?  Wish they were in 2D?  You’re in luck!  Perfect for those who feel sick while watching 3D movies, these glasses will turn any 3D movie back to 2D.  Hank, the creator of 2D-glasses explains, “I created them so my wife could come see 3D movies with me without getting a headache.”

3. Upside-down phone

The “Serene” cell phone created by Bang & Olufsen is designed with the buttons on the top portion of the flip phone.  The phone is advertised as being easier to use and text with thanks to an “improved thumb position.”

4. “Cool Coat,” a coat to cool your wine

Designed to look like a jacket, this wine coat isn’t meant to keep your beverage warm.  Instead it’s designed to quickly chill wine.  Simply chill the accompanied cooling wrap in the freezer before inserting it into the cool coat.  Your wine will be chilled faster than using a refrigerator or wine cooler.

5. “Coffee Maze” will make you want to spill your coffee

Never cry over spilt coffee again.  With “Coffee Maze,” your tragic loss of caffeine turns in to a fun game as you send spilt coffee through the saucer maze.

6. Jelly Monster cut-to-fit shirt

Made using a special knitting process, the Jelly Monster shirt will never fray, allowing users to cut the sleeves and neckline to their desired length and style.   Wrinkle-free and made of smooth, high stretch knit cloth, the Jelly Monster shirt fits snuggly.  Instead of choosing clothes that fit your body type, Jelly Monster allows you to make clothing that fits your own body type.

7. “Ming Oil & Vinegar” containers

Don’t worry, your wine won’t spill!  Jansen & Co. has created a set of oil and vinegar containers that look like a pair of upside down wine glasses.  Just pour your desired dressing from the spout that looks like the neck of a wine glass.

8. Take your books for a walk

Can’t choose just one book to read on your trip?  This round bookcase allows you to take hundreds of books wherever you may roam.

9. These glasses wobble but they won’t fall down

The set of two “Liqueur Glasses” made by Normann Copenhagen are designed with a bottom that resembles a toy top.  They’ll spin “right round baby, right round” but won’t spill while aerating your beverage of choice.

10. Awaglass foam-filled hourglass

Instead of sand, these glasses are filled with a special soap/water mixture that seems to defy gravity.  Unlike a traditional hourglass filled with sand, the foam in the Awaglass will float upwards into the upper part of the chamber.  Designed by Norihiko Terayama, these handblown hourglasses sell for 5,250 yen (US $67).

11. Multipot Table Lamp and Charger

In this fully wired world, there are so many different electronics chargers to keep organized.  The Multipot Table Lamp and Charger allows you to keep all of your chargers in one place in a stylish lamp.  Built in to the top of the LED ambient night light are 5 sockets, perfect for plugging in electronics with space to store cables within the body of the lamp.  Just $190 for this functional, stylish bucket.


12. A file that holds other files

For those who have so many files they don’t know what to do with, the Clear File Storage Holder is just the thing.  Just slip your A4-sized file into one of the 20 individual pockets to keep track of your entire file collection in one place.  This file that holds files costs 735 yen (US $9.37).

Source: NaverMatome