How would you like to spend the golden years of your life? Join a volunteer group? Or perhaps travel the world?

This 84-year-old man in China has decided that he would do something that most of us would probably never find the courage to do in our life: he poses nude in front of strangers.

Working as a nude model for young students in the art school, this interesting job has brought Li Jun (not his real name) a new form of happiness in his life. It is a meaningful way to spend time, and he enjoys watching the active and energetic students.

Li became an internet sensation overnight after his interview with the local newspaper went viral. He is flooded by requests for interviews from the local TV and radio stations, as well as media from other provinces.

You would think having such a granddaddy at home would be the coolest thing. At least I would.

Unfortunately, Li’s son finds him an embarrassment. After the passing of his wife 15 years ago and his youngest son in 2007, Li lived with his other son until two years ago. Now he lives alone, and his son and two other daughters visit him only once a month.

When news of Li working as a nude model got out, he received a call from his son for the first time in a long while: “He said I was embarrassing to him, and told me not to visit his place anymore because he’s going to change the home’s lock.” 

Last week, Li’s son was supposed to send some clothes over, so he cooked a few dishes and waited at home. But his son never came. When Li called to ask, his son told him that he did not want to meet him, and would bring the clothes over another day when no one is in.

Li admitted that he had neglected his children in the past due to work, resulting in fractured and distant relationships with them. There are also disagreements over the distribution of his will. “I’m used to being alone anyway,” sighed Li.

Although Li knew his children would disapprove, that did not stop him from pursuing his new found passion. “I’m not stealing or killing. Why should I be embarrassed? I live alone, but this job has given me so much happiness! I realized that I can still do many things, like help those students learn drawing. Running here and there every day, I feel alive.”

Li might have lost his son and daughters, but surely he has gained many artsy grand kids!