Vocaloid producer Exit Tunes announced today that the newest Vocaloid, Mayu, will make her debut on December 5 along with the release of VOCALOID3 Library MAYU, a special package containing the Vocaloid3 software with Mayu’s voice library installed and a 2-CD compilation of Mayu tracks produced by over 30 different artists.

For those not in the know, Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by typing in the lyrics and melody. Voices are produced by using fragments of voices recorded from actual singer, which are then compiled into a “Singer Library” and sold as a Vocaloid character, such as Hatsune Miku.

Mayu’s voice uses the latest version of the software, Vocaloid 3, and is the first character to be produced by Exit Tunes, though they have produced numerous bestselling albums using other Vocaloids in the past.

Originally announced in early May 2012 at the live event “EXIT TUNES ACADEMY,” Mayu is a yandere influenced Vocaloid (notice the axe) dressed in goth-lolita fashion. Response to her character design among the Niconico community, Japan’s nexus of Vocaloid production, has been generally positive.

To commemorate the announcement, Exit Tunes released a teaser video on Niconico that features clips from the CD compilation, as well as previously unreleased footage from Mayu’s announcement at the May event.

Mayu’s name, character design and voice can be used by individuals or commercial entities without prior approval from Exit Tunes. The company asks that distribution be limited in scope and has outlined a few guidelines for doing so, but creators are free to use the software and intellectual property for their own profit.

The VOCALOID3 Library MAYU bundle also includes a limited edition Mayu cell phone strap and mouse pad, with a total of six different designs for both items. Pre-orders are being accepted on Amazon.jp at 11,500 yen (US $145).

With Niconico having recently overhauled their English site, the high-profile release of a new character could be an exciting opportunity for overseas fans to experience the Japanese Vocaloid community firsthand.

Source: Mayusan.jpAmazon.jp

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