Hello and good morning/afternoon/evening to you!

Welcome to the very first Rocket Roundup; your guide to the biggest stories of the week here at RocketNews24, all in one snug little post.

I don’t know about you good people, but it’s been a pretty busy week here at RocketNews24– I can’t remember the last time I saw as many crazy stories go up in the space of seven short days. That said, I think I speak for the entire team when I say that it’s been a pleasure as always, and we love discrovering new, fun, quirky and downright weird news stories almost as much as we do sharing it with you guys.

As for me, after a long day of wandering around Tokyo with my wife in search of dining chairs (I know- pretty rock ’n’ roll huh?), I’m back home and ready to unwind with a book, a little bit of TV and maybe even some videogames. We’re still chair-less and I’m still jamming my stupid lanky legs under the tiny chabudai (tiny, low table for use while sitting on the floor) every dinner time, but at least tonight I have an alcohol-based pal to go with my evening meal.

Technically, this isn’t a beer- it’s happōshu (lit. “sparkling alcohol”), or low-malt beer. But, thanks to the way the alcoholic drinks are sold here in Japan, low-malt beer can be sold for a fraction of the price of a regular beer, so when it looks and tastes like the real thing, but costs a mere 100 yen (US$1.25) like this little guy did, you can’t really go wrong when you’re in the mood for a cheeky drink with dinner.

And, come on, who could resist the allure of a beer called “Suntory: The Brew”, especially when it’s labelled as being “suitable for my refreshing time”!?

I hope that you all enjoy, are enjoying, or have enjoyed your Sunday, and that you’re ready for the week ahead.

And if not, then here are some of our best stories from the past seven days. There’s bound to be something in here that perks you up and makes you glad to be living on this crazy planet…

Presenting: This Week’s Best Bits

Two of perhaps the strangest-looking human beings on the planet got together in one place for a photo shoot.

Plenty of photos, perfect for scaring small children with or keeping yourself awake if you need to burn the midnight oil…

Like your girls cuddly?

Unofficial spin-off to a hit Nintendo DS game of a similar nature, Debu Plus’ asks players to help the game’s hero bag the chubby girl of his dreams. The good news is that the game’s developers, Ordin Soft, have announced that the game will launch officially on November 30th.

A sexy hero is born!

Tenga Hero, the new superhero from the makers of male masturbation product of the same name, is ready to fight for peace, love and lube.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!

Our writer Kay explains, with the help of a Japanese flight attendant, why Japan’s ladies are more likely to be a hit abroad than the guys…

One that really needs to be seen to believed. Who ever thought that pouring a cup of water could be turned into something sexual? Well, someone in Japan managed it…

See you next week, boys and girls!