Gua-Gua the cat loves it some cardboard.  So its owner, Weibo user toshiya86 had a special treat in store for his birthday.  She designed a series of cardboard cutouts that it could stick its head through transforming Gua-Gua into some of anime’s greatest characters.  Even if you’re not into anime you can definitely still appreciate these cute pictures.

Kyoya Hibari [REBORN]

▼ “Are you trying to go against meow?”

▼ “What!? The Stallion cameow?”

▼ “I will bite you to death, meow…”

▼ “Give me the canned food, meow!”

Archer [Fate/stay night]

▼ “…”

▼ “Huh?”

▼ “Full Hybrid!!”

▼ “Hmph?”

▼ “What did you say?!”



▼ “Canned food?!”

▼ ”Yes! It’s me!”

▼ “Kyoya, what’s more important; canned food or me-ow?”

Kyubey [Puella Magi Madoka Magica]

▼ “Make a contract with Gua-Gua and you can be a magic grrrl.”


Gintoki Sakata [Gintama]

▼ “Sweets”


Rin Okumura [Blue Exorcist]


Gendo Ikari [Evangelion]

▼ “You must be an adult cat Shinji!”


Kakashi [Naruto]

▼ “What’s that? Agh! Poop?!”

▼ “I’ve got a good feeling today. Meow.”

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Source: Sina Weibo (Chinese) via Karapia (Japanese)
Photos: Sina Weibo