Internet cafes!

I’ll be honest with you- I’ve never set foot inside one.

Most of the stories we read online depict internet cafes as the haunts of socially inept teens, men with poor personal hygiene, or tales of weirdness like people playing online games for such enormous lengths of time that they keel over at they keyboards, resting their head forever on the escape button of life.

But perhaps we’ve been wrong to write them off as such terrible places? Perhaps internet cafes can be awesome, too?

In Japan, at least, many internet cafes offer room rental, allowing customers the freedom and privacy of having their own personal space, sometimes with a lockable door and a little couch.

A friend of mine once told me that, returning home at midnight, only to discover that she’d lost her door key, she was forced to spend the night at a nearby internet cafe instead. However, while it wasn’t the comfiest night ever, she was warm, had a safe place to sleep and it only cost her about 3,000 yen (US$37), so maybe they’re not so bad afterall?

But how do China’s internet cafes stand up? Are they the portal to the devil’s own realm, or just misunderstood hideaways?

Chinese website TT Mop has put together a great collection of photos, giving us all a behind-the-scenes look at what the country has to offer.


▼”Darling? Darling? I’m finished. We can go home now.”

▼Shame on you, young man! There could be ladies present!


▼”Hey, baby, I got a warcraft for you- right here…”

▼Some guy getting fruity on his own.

▼Some net cafes are heavily policed.

▼Whereas others are a little more relaxed…

▼”What? Never seen a guy hang his undies up on a monitor before?”

▼Head wound shmead wound, I’m playing.

▼”What? No, I’m in a net cafe. What? No, just watching some porn. Yeah, catch you later!”

▼Start ’em young…

▼…and they stay for life.

▼Awwww, someone’s sweeeepy.

▼OK, aaand drool in three, two, one…

▼I think I tried this while trying to sleep on a plane, once…

Images: TT Mop